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There is nothing more beautiful, powerful and unique than your core self.

All the charisma, confidence and credibility you’ve ever dreamed of having is waiting to be unleashed from the very heart of who you are at your core. The only key you’ll ever need is the key to aligning the essence of who you really are with the image you actually present to the world. When this happens you feel comfortable with the skin you're in, your values and credentials, personal style and brand, line up with your image. Your credibility soars. You look good and feel great and can achieve your aspirations with ease. Thrive in every aspect of your life!

Are you're ready to ...
Become a magnet for all the right opportunities?
Create outfits that speak volumes about who you are?
Develop executive presence, earn more, get promoted?
Banish wardrobe woes forever, look good and feel great?


I'm here to help you with that 

Core Services

master your colour story

Find your perfect hues for fashion, hair makeup and accessories. Manifest, influence and inspire. Tap into the power of colour.

Personal Colour Portfolio

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Wardrobe Workout, Personal Shopping,  Seasonal Updates, and Ongoing Support. Sustain and  Nurture your unique style.

Exclusive VIP Experience


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sustain your style

Discover which styles work for you and why. See how tailoring and fit, lines, shapes and designs speak.
Master the business of style. 

Step Into Style

dress to impress

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Elevate your presence in every setting. Understand protocols and every dress code. 
Impress with grace and poise.

elevate your image

#2. Etiquette Elevation


 Find your signature look with the colours and styles in your hair, accessories and fashion. Becoming you with style.


Align your posture, poise, voice, body language and image. Ditch the fear of giving presentations. Network like a pro.

#3. Communication Cues

influence &  impact

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build your personal brand

#1. Signature Style

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Soft Skills Modules

Control your brand image before others do it for you. Design your digital presence. Stand out from the crowd.

boost your credibility

Personal Brand Presence


 Supercharge your style, curate your personal colour portfolio. Boost your confidence and self esteem.
Step into your style.


Master your appearance, behaviour and communication. Develop your executive presence. Look like a leader.

Magnetic Image Mastery

ignite your image impact

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Your colour & style catalyst

Fabulous Style Freedom

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maximise your potential

Accelerator Programmes


"Chun is very knowledgable in image management. She jumped to assist me with cross-cultural questions I needed addressed. Not only did she help me look good but provided concrete examples backed by extensive research. She went above and beyond. I am so glad to have such a welcoming consultant. Thank you Chun!"

Adrianne, Consulting Firm USA


Hi, I'm Chanderjit (Chun)
Thanks for stopping by

I'm on a mission to help you discover the power and beauty of the real you. Whether you want to improve your image impact, boost your personal brand, develop your personal style or find the colours that resonate with you the most. It's time to step into your presence and power. Celebrate your uniqueness and enjoy the exciting journey of self discovery as you embody the power and beauty of becoming you with style.

It would be an honour to welcome you to my UK based luxury studio near Leeds in West Yorkshire. Your Image is My Inspiration!

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